On Turning 60

I am now 60.  I have been since 9-12.  It is a rather strange feeling to be 60 when I certainly don’t feel like I am.  And people I know are puzzled to look at me and know or be told my age.  They find it odd that I don’t look 60 to them. But I’m just thinking that I don’t look 60 because of perhaps a few things that are unique to me:  I am single.  I’ve never had children.  And, I happen to be Asian.  These things give away the main reasons why I don’t look my age.  There were no marital issues in my life, and children had never given me the frown lines nor the smile lines around my mouth.  The turning of age to 60 is a jolt, to be sure, because I feel as though I am yet unfinished.  I am several years till retirement age.  And yet, here I am, going for my MFA in Creative Writing.  I could also want to just retire and bake bread all day, or clean my house.  Or garden. All these are fine.  Yet, I feel like I am still able to contribute to society.  I don’t like to travel and hate airports.  I’d rather then find a way to keep myself alert and do what I always loved to do.  And that is to write.  Stories. Blogs. Screenplays.  Essays.  Like this.

I am certainly feeling that God had a hand in my life story.  I’ve had many – or really, several jobs, and changed careers a few times.  So now I think that 60 is, as many profess, merely a number.

I don’t mind being 60.  I try to not think of being 60. I still feel new at the 60 generation.  I don’t like spandex waistbands but I like how they allow me to have an extra helping of pasta.  I find it hard to believe that I would even become romantically involved at 60.  My interests don’t take me very far from home.  And I surely think that God is still working on me, and from Him am I getting ideas and graces and inspirations.

So, now that I’m one fourth of the way to being 61, I am happy to say that I am glad I made it to 60.  I’m one lucky person who came through the last year of unrest in politics, conflicts in many areas of the world, and even periods of sadness that blossomed into this period of (and I hope it is a long one) happy creativity.

Merry Christmas

Good Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I am somehow surprised every time Christmas arrives.  I think ahead, usually, with buying presents, or sending out Christmas Cards, and hopefully never fail to give some stocking stuffers to those in my workplace.  But it is somehow still a big Surprise.  All of a sudden, it’s Christmas.

This year, a good friend passed away – well, actually, two good friends.  One of them passed just a few weeks ago, which took everyone by surprise.  Again that element of Surprise.  I sometimes wonder what it is that makes this a Season of surprises.  My friend was only in her mid-50’s, a very chic, loving Mom, who liked her job, worked hard, had numerous friends, and traveled frequently.  So her passing was so stunning to all who knew her that it bears pause.  Not because of all that I said about her, but because there must be a reason for people in our lives, good people, to be taken to God so soon.

So I don’t intend to guess what God’s reasons are for taking His children so soon before their (supposed) time, or soon before the Holidays.  But I guess I want to say this is something that might be because God cares so much for His children that He might want to arm them with more Heavenly allies than earthly ones.  In that sense, maybe my two good friends became my Spiritual allies than earthly ones.

When Mom passed I was very very sad, but then I realized that her passing only meant that she could pray exclusively for me and Dad, and for all her family and friends.  That is now her full time job. The same with my two good friends.

So for Christmas, think of those who have passed and thank God that they are now closer to us than they ever were.

Merry Merry Christmas to all! XOXO

Another one down


Finally submitted my final project.  I’m dancing a little jig.  I must say that the classes are better and better as I go along.  I loved Creative Nonfiction!  Oh, my!  I have discovered the writing style that I think I like most – and maybe, just maybe it will hold.  However, more to come in terms of fiction writing, so I will just keep going and see how it unfolds.

Still working on Joe and Max.  Having more ideas as time goes on.  With my next class coming soon, I am going to see if I can do more in my spare time besides work on the class materials.

How a difficult situation was eased

A couple of months ago my dog, Duke, developed diabetes.  He went to his groomer’s one day and then a day or two later he didn’t want to eat his food.  I thought this was strange: Duke always loved to eat.  I also noticed that Duke would have an accident – two mornings in a row. He also had diarrhea.  Not wasting time, I took him to his vet.  After they looked at his urine for a possible UTI, they saw no bacteria but they did find sugar.

At first, I felt the challenge to get my dog back to normal as much as possible.  But the realization of what this might mean to me, the normal routine of the house, any type of plans to travel or even have a night out – a major rethink.  I was also upset at myself for possibly contributing to my dog’s illness.  Did I give him too many treats? I remember the difficult moments as I pondered these as I tried to sleep the night of his diagnosis.

The vet was very precise in his directions to get Duke back to normalcy.  For the last eight to ten weeks, my dog had his two meals of the day spaced out 12 hours apart.  So were his insulin shots.  At first my dog, who only ate once a day, had some issues with the restrictive diet.  Duke also flinched at the shots.  There would be trips to the vet, first to ask for help and guidance feeding this usually picky eater.  Then there were those day-long glucose curves.  Those were to check how well his insulin was working for him.  Duke didn’t like that too well, mostly exhibiting loss of appetite right after his day at the vet.

Today, Duke is back to his old frisky and joyful self.  He may have some issues with the boring food – but I think he seems to know that this new normal is good for him so he will have his meal.

Our family routine is good.  If I need to go out with friends in the evening that is planned and Duke’s eating schedule is included in this.  If I have to go out of town my sitter is trained to give shots.

The other side of the dilemma has been reached.  Through it all, the challenge has been met.  I prayed each day for my dog to get better.  And even when Duke’s nose would hover over his food bowl I would pray asking that he eat.

Life has its fits and starts.  How you meet challenges is the beginning of the new path taken.  Changes are not unusual, and one has to roll with them.  I hope that your challenges are manageable. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you along the way.

Happy Pentecost weekend!









The Day After

imageYears ago, I consulted a priest about a difficult time in my life.  He listened and then gave me the most consoling words I’ve heard. He said: Pray to God who sees everything as a whole, from the beginning to the end, and ask Him to look upon the thing that gives you sadness and ask Him to make something better out of that dark time.  Do this every time this memory recurs in your mind.

We all have these times that caused us grief, regret, pain and the Evil one throws these memories at us years later, in his plan to turn us away from God.

So my recourse, among others (like praying the Memorare) is to pray to God to take that one painful moment and make something good come out of it.  This is what healing is about.  Think of this as your dose of God’s mercy.