Business after hours

I attended a Chamber of Commerce ‘do’ last night which was hosted by a local business in town.  I had a great time meeting the entrepeneurs and movers of our city. One person who I met created an app called “Socio.”  That person is Alihan Ozbayrak, a student at Purdue who is majoring in computer science.  He is a co-founder of  “Socio.”  It’s pretty cool – the app is like a “digital handshake” where you log on during a meet and greet event, and once others have their apps open in their phones, they ‘shake’ their cellphones and voila!  Their contact information gets transferred electronically through the app into each other’s apps.  So you see their profiles, their social media and everything is so much easier than exchanging calling cards!  Through this app, I made several new contacts and new LinkedIn connections.  If you want to check into their website, click here:Socio.

Happy connecting!