Writing thoughts


Things have been going on lately that I thought I’d like to share with you.  Many of them have been a bit frazzling.  I have been going through a ton of stress from work, and a lot of depressing thoughts that have threatened my peace of mind.  Not sure what to say more than that they have been really disruptive and making it hard for me to get to the writing desk and churn out more chapters to my Loveable Resident novel.

However, God has been visiting upon me a few good happenings.  I was able to sell an article (not really sell) to a trade magazine to interview a CEO of a company that is part of my organization.  That went for a few months because I had to schedule the interview (after gaining permission) and then write and then, submit.  Today I received word that the article is going forward and I’ve signed their copyright form.  I won’t get paid because, as a member of this trade magazine organization, I am volunteering my talent to showcase a person who has a unique view of how her position is helping healthcare.  I am really happy that this has now come to fruition.  I think lots of people in my life have contributed to this – some in a negative way (they merely egged me on, you see) and more in a positive way.  So for this, I am grateful to God.

The next thing that I have experienced is the long (and maybe longer) slog of finding literary agents.  This is something novel, and exciting and is a lesson in perseverance. I think for all writers, querying literary agents is challenging and when it clicks, it’s almost like hitting the lotto.  I know that the process forward is still a bit more of a hard slog but the initial spark of one person liking and appreciating the story you present is very significant.  Someone, Somebody, actually wants to know about your story.  If it doesn’t gel, well you go back and hone it some more.  But if they DO like it enough to send it out for reviews, then I’m really excited.  I’m sure that this resonates with a lot of writers out there, and for those still starting out, I recommend that you give yourself as much encouragement (self-love) to get into the hard work of writing SOMETHING.  I recommend that you take classes, take workshops in your area, find a mentor, find someone to exchange ideas with, and then also drop by your church and have a heart to heart and ask God what He’s thinking of your plans.

I know that God sometimes doesn’t figure in your plans.  I think maybe this is why there is ‘writer’s block’.  I think a lot of people dealing with the blank page is not communing with the Right One.

So, I wanted to just give you all a recap of how things have been.  I just wanted to take the time to chat, let you know I’m still slogging along, and know that I’m silently raising a toast to you all who are on the same journey.  Go with it and keep God in your mind and heart.


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