Sunlight – A Poem

To the man with the light of the sun in his eyes

I glanced up and found you smiling

at me

And I noted the glint of the sunlight in your eye

Did it mean you were in love with me?

Did it mean you fancied me?

I had forgotten

Through the intervening years

Of being apart

That you looked at me


Like that


I am encouraged that

My prayer

Might one day

Be answered.


Ruminating, as I read my homework assignment, about how it seems that human beings are so wrapped up in their work, the shiny things they want for themselves (money, power, possessions) and the many ways they can achieve these.  People look at “the steps to climb the ladder of success” and, in these, see people – their supervisors, coworkers and upper managers and family members, as the rungs to plant their feet upon and dig into as they try to reach the pinnacles of success.

In this world, we are given the opportunities to know God, the Truth and Beauty that He is, through our lives and our loves.  He doesn’t care if you won the Nobel Peace Prize.  He cares if you would, once in a while, look up at the sky and smile, saying “Thanks!”  He cares that you see you parents that love you and you take them out to dinner sometimes.  He cares that you love your children, not by buying them the latest toys, but by the gift of your time.  He cares when you send money to help His less fortunate children.

I think God wants us to think outside the boxes of our work lives and reach out to examine with Him how you ought to look at your life as it is now.  God wants to save you from despair, the mind-numbing repetitions of your life, the hardships within the material successes in your life.  He wants you to succeed at gaining Heaven.  He wants you to see Him as the Source of everything that is good and rich, more than what money can buy.  He loves you as you were made and wants you to follow Him, not the shiny objects, not the power or fame.  He wants you to live an eternal life with all the people who ever lived and loved you always.

God places people in your lives to represent him in one way or another – don’t make the error of ignoring those who you come across who need a smile, a helping hand, a little greeting to ease their day.  Little things count with God.  St. Therese of Lisieux wrote about her “Little Way”.  Let this philosophy be your guide in the encounters with God in your life.

I encourage you to write your daily thoughts in a journal and think of God as the Person who looks over your shoulder, not as judge, but as the Lover of your Soul.  He will read your words, the feelings you write down, and act to help you in your problems and dilemmas, and enrich your mind in ways that you’ve not done in the past.  God will provide, as the Divine Provider.  What you need is not what the magazine ads tell you nor what your neighbors’ new devices tempt you to buy into.  What you need is to listen to God’s voice. Ask and you shall receive, seek God and He will find you.

May the Lenten journey be light upon your shoulders as you ask God to accompany you.

To the skies above you

To the skies above you


‘Tis the morn and I find myself in thoughts


Of you and how you are


Where you are


The sun hides between the clouds


Does it hide there as well?


The morning dew settles on the blades of grass


Do they settle where you are as well?


The day stretches ahead – and beyond, till the time we meet again.