Sunlight – A Poem

To the man with the light of the sun in his eyes

I glanced up and found you smiling

at me

And I noted the glint of the sunlight in your eye

Did it mean you were in love with me?

Did it mean you fancied me?

I had forgotten

Through the intervening years

Of being apart

That you looked at me


Like that


I am encouraged that

My prayer

Might one day

Be answered.

To the skies above you

To the skies above you


‘Tis the morn and I find myself in thoughts


Of you and how you are


Where you are


The sun hides between the clouds


Does it hide there as well?


The morning dew settles on the blades of grass


Do they settle where you are as well?


The day stretches ahead – and beyond, till the time we meet again.