Merry Christmas

Good Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I am somehow surprised every time Christmas arrives.  I think ahead, usually, with buying presents, or sending out Christmas Cards, and hopefully never fail to give some stocking stuffers to those in my workplace.  But it is somehow still a big Surprise.  All of a sudden, it’s Christmas.

This year, a good friend passed away – well, actually, two good friends.  One of them passed just a few weeks ago, which took everyone by surprise.  Again that element of Surprise.  I sometimes wonder what it is that makes this a Season of surprises.  My friend was only in her mid-50’s, a very chic, loving Mom, who liked her job, worked hard, had numerous friends, and traveled frequently.  So her passing was so stunning to all who knew her that it bears pause.  Not because of all that I said about her, but because there must be a reason for people in our lives, good people, to be taken to God so soon.

So I don’t intend to guess what God’s reasons are for taking His children so soon before their (supposed) time, or soon before the Holidays.  But I guess I want to say this is something that might be because God cares so much for His children that He might want to arm them with more Heavenly allies than earthly ones.  In that sense, maybe my two good friends became my Spiritual allies than earthly ones.

When Mom passed I was very very sad, but then I realized that her passing only meant that she could pray exclusively for me and Dad, and for all her family and friends.  That is now her full time job. The same with my two good friends.

So for Christmas, think of those who have passed and thank God that they are now closer to us than they ever were.

Merry Merry Christmas to all! XOXO