The Dream

Very often I hear or read of people who express their dreams for their lives.  Many dreams are common among people:  success, a house that’s in a great neighborhood, a car – maybe one that’s new and has a status emblem on the hood.  Other dreams are also about success for their children, or loved ones, or dreams of good health or beating the Big C.  There are dreams to travel abroad and get to know other cultures.  There are dreams that are immediate.  Like dreams to pay off debt, win the lottery, have one’s own business, make it big, marry the best person.

Many dreams are built on good foundations.  The foundations might include: a good education, a job that’s steady, a life free of addictive behaviors, being part of a faith community.  These foundations most definitely are good stepping stones to achieving dreams.  Yet there are dreams that seem almost impossible because the foundations are not sound.

Take for example the dream to become a citizen of a country.  This dream is great especially for people who want to find good places to raise their children.  To give their children a good chance at life. Better lives than where they were born.  I think this is the dream that’s a hard one for people these days to achieve.  At this time in the US, the things that keep dreamers out of this goal include crime, poverty, addiction and the wrong friends.  These foundations, if you can call them foundations, aren’t good to base dreams on.

While these ‘foundations’ are like the shifting sands in the Gospel that speaks of building a house on solid rock, one shouldn’t feel dismayed that one can never achieve their dreams.  I don’t propose to give solutions to those whose dreams are built on shifting sands because everyone’s case is different.  But I do propose to encourage all dreamers to pray for their dreams to come true.

Dreams take time to come true.  It’s not at the end of ‘get rich quick’ schemes.  Like paying off enormous debt, the monthly submission of payments can be all one need to do, plus avoiding the pitfalls of falling off the plan like spending again on credit.

There’s a lot to be said about patience as well.  One of the virtues, patience can be the lifeline to a person who dreams. Who even dream big.  If one waits long enough, that dream goal may be attainable because of an unexpected blessing.

God never said not to dream big dreams.  He is, after all, the Source of ALL riches, the Source of Eternal Life.  We are His children, aren’t we?  Didn’t He say:  “Knock and you shall enter, Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find?”  Those who count themselves as God’s children can count on asking God for their needs, and yes, even the big dreams.  It’s a great way to start the conversation.  That conversation is called Prayer.  To pray, one can begin with a short invocation with any of the following: Come Holy Spirit.  Come and help me, God.  I place myself in Your Presence, O Lord.  Be with me, Lord.

One will find that as prayer deepens, God works in our lives and sees where you need to make changes.  He intervenes and places opportunities in your path.  He removes obstacles to your goals.  In many cases, it’s what might be called a process of conversion.  You might find that your dreams change because God gives you a better way of looking at things.  And then the dreams are more meaningful when they come true.  They are more meaningful to you because God made these just for you and your circumstances.