Another one down


Finally submitted my final project.  I’m dancing a little jig.  I must say that the classes are better and better as I go along.  I loved Creative Nonfiction!  Oh, my!  I have discovered the writing style that I think I like most – and maybe, just maybe it will hold.  However, more to come in terms of fiction writing, so I will just keep going and see how it unfolds.

Still working on Joe and Max.  Having more ideas as time goes on.  With my next class coming soon, I am going to see if I can do more in my spare time besides work on the class materials.

Business after hours

I attended a Chamber of Commerce ‘do’ last night which was hosted by a local business in town.  I had a great time meeting the entrepeneurs and movers of our city. One person who I met created an app called “Socio.”  That person is Alihan Ozbayrak, a student at Purdue who is majoring in computer science.  He is a co-founder of  “Socio.”  It’s pretty cool – the app is like a “digital handshake” where you log on during a meet and greet event, and once others have their apps open in their phones, they ‘shake’ their cellphones and voila!  Their contact information gets transferred electronically through the app into each other’s apps.  So you see their profiles, their social media and everything is so much easier than exchanging calling cards!  Through this app, I made several new contacts and new LinkedIn connections.  If you want to check into their website, click here:Socio.

Happy connecting!

Update to Joe and Max


Hello Everyone,

I’ve not had as much time to write on the YA novel, Joe and Max.  However, I’ve gotten to Chapter 7 and what seems to be happening is that Mel (the young girl that Joe seems to be getting to like) is morphing into having a major part of the story, so that I really have to re-think about the Joe and Max title.  I am liking Mel’s character more – she seems to be the character with the most interesting situation.  I’ll leave it there and I hope to continue with the novel as the days go by.  I am having to keep up with reading assignments for my Nonfiction class, and it seems to be crowding my schedule out of the office!  However, priorities are needed.  I even had to make an appointment with myself to say my evening prayers (lol) each night!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Let’s see all those sunburnt faces!