One Down

My first class is done.  More to come. My grade came in and it was pretty good.  An A-.  I think it went very well, considering I have not been in a classroom for decades.  I enjoyed the back and forth with my professor, Bryan Hurt, and with my classmates.  I learned that I can handle the workload, while working full time.  And that I can write, and that I enjoy writing more than I realized.

I admit that the first week of school was rough.  When I would have wanted to stretch out on the couch to enjoy the evening I had to make myself sit at the computer and get into the class material.  But I’m now so used to the new normal that it seems so strange that there isn’t anything to work on now when the class is done and the next won’t be starting for a few days.

I learned that I’m not done yet with life. I learned that people look forward to reading my work.  I learned that I have something else that is good that God has given me.  And I am truly grateful for the chance to find something more about myself that’s now just come to the fore.

How it is now, where it’s at

I’ve done it now. It started when I said I am a writer. It started with my blog. And it progressed to writing classes online, workshops and then I had enough writing material to send in with an application to grad school. It took four days to get accepted. It seemed so amazing. And it was almost as though God said YES to my statement. It feels good to write. I enjoy writing – always have. Now I’m going for my MFA. God hears, he plants the seed, he executes. It’s possible with God. Look what he did with His Mother. St. Gabriel told her – “with God, all things are possible.” It’s where it’s at, friends!