How a difficult situation was eased

A couple of months ago my dog, Duke, developed diabetes.  He went to his groomer’s one day and then a day or two later he didn’t want to eat his food.  I thought this was strange: Duke always loved to eat.  I also noticed that Duke would have an accident – two mornings in a row. He also had diarrhea.  Not wasting time, I took him to his vet.  After they looked at his urine for a possible UTI, they saw no bacteria but they did find sugar.

At first, I felt the challenge to get my dog back to normal as much as possible.  But the realization of what this might mean to me, the normal routine of the house, any type of plans to travel or even have a night out – a major rethink.  I was also upset at myself for possibly contributing to my dog’s illness.  Did I give him too many treats? I remember the difficult moments as I pondered these as I tried to sleep the night of his diagnosis.

The vet was very precise in his directions to get Duke back to normalcy.  For the last eight to ten weeks, my dog had his two meals of the day spaced out 12 hours apart.  So were his insulin shots.  At first my dog, who only ate once a day, had some issues with the restrictive diet.  Duke also flinched at the shots.  There would be trips to the vet, first to ask for help and guidance feeding this usually picky eater.  Then there were those day-long glucose curves.  Those were to check how well his insulin was working for him.  Duke didn’t like that too well, mostly exhibiting loss of appetite right after his day at the vet.

Today, Duke is back to his old frisky and joyful self.  He may have some issues with the boring food – but I think he seems to know that this new normal is good for him so he will have his meal.

Our family routine is good.  If I need to go out with friends in the evening that is planned and Duke’s eating schedule is included in this.  If I have to go out of town my sitter is trained to give shots.

The other side of the dilemma has been reached.  Through it all, the challenge has been met.  I prayed each day for my dog to get better.  And even when Duke’s nose would hover over his food bowl I would pray asking that he eat.

Life has its fits and starts.  How you meet challenges is the beginning of the new path taken.  Changes are not unusual, and one has to roll with them.  I hope that your challenges are manageable. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you along the way.

Happy Pentecost weekend!