The New Spring

For me, Lent is difficult.  It begins with the seeming self awareness that I’m lacking in the right stuff to get to the heavenly shores (should I be snatched up out of this earthly life now).  I see my consumerism, the wastefulness of it, the desires to keep up with those in my life who seem to have the right accoutterments to succeed.  Then usually, when Lent is nigh, there’s a physical mode to it – like this year I had to go to urgent care.  My own doing – had me feeling a bit fragile for a few days.  Lent is when Christians, Catholics, look inwardly to search where they might have strayed from the path to holiness.  Well, that is what I am trying to do more of these days.  I have pledged to read more about Francis and Clare, to say a daily rosary, and to bear the slings and arrows that get directed at me from out of left field. The path to holiness is, to me, being educated in the way of the saints, bearing ills with patience, and being humble.  For me, that last thing is quite denervating but since Jesus was humble and He is my God I should strive to be humble too.

But Lent is Springtime.  The buds are on the branches on my maple tree by my front bay window.  The sun shines on the brown yard willing it to sprout green shootlings.  People start to look into their seed and garden catalogs.  I think for me, the new Spring is a rediscovery of what was pleasing to me in my youth:  favorite books like those written by Dorothy Sayers, listening to music from Broadway shows like Oklahoma and West Side Story, and writing stories.  So this springtime that coincides with Lent and is Lent, I will strive to do what I must to renew myself in Christ, buffered by taking up the stuff of my youth – music, good reading and writing.

May the Lord of Creation give you peace.