Getting ready

image I’m pretty excited – two of us at work are attending a conference for work.  I’m hoping that I’ll learn a lot, see the nice tourist spots (from the bus tour) and making new acquaintances, and might even see some coworkers from our other sister companies.  I’ve cleaned the house (still ongoing) so that I can rest easy knowing that when the pet sitter comes she won’t get freaked out by the mess.  I’ll be packing some books to read on the flight – there’s a really good one written by Pope Francis – Laudato Si, that I’m taking with me, and then keeping up with the book club I’m with by reading the required chapters of The Lamb’s Supper.  I have my Liturgy of the Hours on my cell phone as an app (I am grateful for this app – no more packing a huge book).  I’ll do a few more blogs while at the conference – hope there’s a chance for it! And maybe post some pictures of the occasional views and maybe a few selfies.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to go to this meeting.  We’ve already pledged to give a couple of talks (updates) when we get back to work!