How it is today

10:30 am

These last few days I have had impressions of how life can be so cruel, how people who have greater responsibilities in their jobs, can cause a great blow to a lesser person’s life. And I have seen how these lesser persons take these misfortunes in great stride. These past few days’ events in my life have saddened me,┬ábut today I’ve been given the gift of hope. Funny how a good night’s sleep can brighten one’s outlook.

I remain humbled. I’m directed by the Spirit to obey and ponder these events in my heart. I am given another chance each day to do His work. My gratitude to God is huge. His bounty is endless. He gives me what I need. He makes me feel better. He gives me what I should endure for the day. I somehow think – “Oh there’s more I should be doing.” And more often than not I fail to do these in a consistent manner.

I wish God would give me a stronger back, a stronger heart, greater confidence. But being Franciscan the grace I am given is sufficient for each task. And no more.